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At Day By Day Adult Daycare in Delta, our adult supervision services ensure proper supervision with respectful and effective communication. View our full list of services below, and please, give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

• General supervision

• 2 meals and snacks with attention to dietary needs and preferences

• Transportation to and from the Center is available

• Assistance with scheduling and attending medical and personal appointments

• Variety of community activities as well as activities within the Center with no additional cost to the customer.

• Monthly activities calendar to allow the customers to plan their attendance.

• Personal hygiene assistance and provision

• Personalized plan of care that includes input from the customer and their doctor

• Medication oversight

• Activities of daily living assistance and direction

• General health assessment during attendance

• RN supervision

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Day By Day Adult Daycare in Delta, CO offers a home atmosphere with nutritious meals prepared with customer’s preferences and dietary needs in mind. We plan various activities throughout the day with planned excursions to interesting-to-the-customers locations. Staff encourage interactions that reinforce respectful effective communication with other customers and staff. All staff provide supervision while allowing the customers freedom to choose their own daily schedules. Initial assessment is completed by QMAP and reviewed and augmented by RN including customer’s goals, needs, and preferences that allow staff to get to know each customer personally and facilitate any area of need the customer identifies. We have a family friendly approach to daily living that allows the customer overall support for their daily life. We are able to provide extra services as needed because we maintain a minimum of 1:4 staff/customer ratio. Customers are “the boss” and we are in service to them.

Barbara Mazzella, RN

Lucy Kolonick, QMAP
Operations manager



Monday through Friday 7AM-5PM

Hours are negotiable to meet individual needs


1402 Howard St Delta CO 81416

Barbara Mazzella, RN, Owner 970-270-4158

Lucy Kolonick, QMAP, Operations manager 970-874-4195

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